New Products

New Products

Hope you all had a wonderful xmas and new year.  Just popping on here quickly to tell you all about some new products.  February is the month of Valentine's Day so I am offering two yarn clubs.  One for the lovers of Valentines Day and one for the anti valentine day people.  

I have a few of either of these left if anyone wants to order and of course you will get a little extra in each box to make these really special.

Another club I will be offering for next month is going to be Doctor Who yarn box.  My son and I have been watching Doctor Who from the beginning, so the classic ones and we are loving it! I cannot wait to get this one dyed up as I have so much inspiration to draw from.  

If you have any ideas of yarn clubs or boxes that you want to see in the near future please drop me a message and tell me.

Happy crafting! 

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