The history of Peggy May Yarns

The history of Peggy May Yarns

Peggy May Yarns originated from my late nanny called Peggy May.  Growing up she was the one to teach me to knit and I taught her to crochet.  She used to knit all of the families garments and she didn't even need a pattern a lot of the time.  She would sit with her knitting needles and wool and just start the garment. 

She raised a family of six children, so back then knitting is what clothed a lot of them.  I remember her telling me a story of when the jumpers and cardigans got too small, after being passed down the family, she would then pull out the garment to re use the wool.  

I have one of her cardigans she made and will have to take a photograph of it and show you all.  

So it is in her memory why I started my business.  I would like to think she would have been proud to have been the inspiration behind my knitting and yarn dyeing career.  

I have won a few awards including Theo Paphitis of Dragon Den's fame Small business Sunday #SBS and Jacqueline Gold CBE's  #WOW award.

I will be sharing some of my latest makes with you all, if you would like to see anything in particular from me then please leave a comment and let me know.




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